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Minimax X4

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A multi gas portable detector for protection against flammable, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide gas hazards.With data logging facility & easy to download free software enables you to graph and print reports at the press of a button.
" User configurable via menu
" Unique flip display
" Self test on start up or on demand checks display, sensor & alarms
" Periodic flash and/or beep for increased confidence
" Two year warranty
" Minimum 2 year sensor life
" Available in 1,2,3, or 4 gas versions.

Can be supplied with tubing for confined space applications

Range, Level 1, Level 2, Ste,l TWA
O2 0 to 30%v/v, 23.5%, 19.5%, n/a, n/a
CO 0-1500ppm, 35ppm, 100ppm, 35ppm, 100ppm
H2S 0-500ppm, 10ppm, 15ppm, 10ppm, 15ppm
Flammable 0-100%LEL, 10%LEL, 20%LEL, n/a, n/a

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