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For the quick & easy detection of gas leaks

" Easy to use
" Fast response
" Light weight
" Sensitive
" Intrinsically safe
" Leak detection
" Gases: Helium,Ammonia,Argon, Butane, Hydrogen & refrigerants.
" Display: Large LCD. Shows leak as well as leak rate as numerical readout.
" Alarm: Flashing LED & 90dBA audible.

Our Lumidor range of personal gas detectors cover a number of options from single gas disposable units to multi gas personal monitors with data logging capacity.

Common to the Lumidor gas detectors are:
" Audible, visual and vibrating alarms (OPTIONAL)
" Battery life display & low life alarm
" Ultra clear LCD backlight displays
" Operating temp -20 to 50C
" No false alarms due to walkie talkies or cell phones
" Icons display
" Battery life & remaining lifetime
" Gas reading during alarm
" Peak reading & hold

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