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Ultraprobe 10 000

Ultraprobe 10 000

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With all the features of the 9000 but with the ability to store and manage data, record sounds and perform condition analysis.

" Larger display
" Application specific software under the following headings:
" Generic
" Leaks
" Valves
" Bearings
" Electrical
" Steam

After selection the Ultraprobe 10000 sets the relevant fields for data logging convenience.The stored data is easily downloaded to the Ultratrend software.
View data or sound images THE software assists reporting, analyzing and record keeping.Trend a group of bearings over time, trend one bearing over time, analyse steam trap history, analyse leak costs, record valve sounds; there are any number of options to assist you in maintaining your plant & machinery.
In addition to on-board data logging, the ULTRAPROBE 10 000 accepts and stores data from external devices such as thermometers and tachometers.

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