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Multifunction Meters

Multifunction Meters

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These versatile
Plug and Play Meters offer a number of options using a single base unit

Both units have the following in common:
" Display: 13mm LCD
" Environmetal: 0 - 50Ãลก and 85% RH
" Power supply: 9 volt battery with auto off to save battery life.
" Data output: RS232 PC serial interface
" Data logging: Data logger and software as optional extras.
" Memory hold

Intelligent Thermometer
A versatile instrument measuring:
Temperature:Type K or type J thermometers. Ranges
100C to 1300C & -100C to 1150C for the type J.
Anemometer probe: Mini Vane type 0.8 to 12m/sec
Metal Vane type 0.5 to 40m/sec
Light probe: 2 000/ 20 000/ 50 000 Lux
IR Temp. probe: -10 to 300C
Humidity probe: 10% to 95% relative humidity

Intelligent Ph Meter
A versatile instrument measuring:
TDS probe: Conductivity & TDS probe: 20mS / 20 000ppm
Conductivity probe: 2/20mS
Dissolved oxygen probe: Oxygen probe 0-20mg/l
ATC probe: 0-65C
A data logging option storing 7 999 set of data with sampling time from 1 sec to 99 hours. Supplied with software compatible with Windows 95, 98 Me and XP.


PH, Conductivity
Our range of ph; conductivity and others all feature the following:
" Auto power on/off
" Display: large LCD
" Manual temp compensation adjustment
" Optional ph probes
" Temperature compensation
" Lightweight & easy to handle

PH Meter
Ph: 0
14ph & mV range +/- 1999mV
MV function for ORP electrode
Manual temp compensation
Easy ph calibration procedures
Reading hold, recording of Max/Min and with RS232 cable connection
Optional Range of ph electrodes to suit every need
DYNAMIC CAT2004 3 new din 21/2/05 11:44 Page 8

Conductivity Meter
Conductivity: 199.9uS, 1.999mS, 19,99mS
Temperature Compensation: 0 to 50C

Salt Water Meter
Measurement: 0 to 10% salt (%weight)
Data hold

Pure Water Meter
Measurement: 0 to 1999uS
Data hold


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