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Potable Vibration Meters

Potable Vibration Meters

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The monitoring of vibration levels can save equipment from destructive vibration and damage which can result in substantial repairs and downtime. All industrial machinery vibrates; the level of vibration should be monitored in order to prevent major damage.

Monitoring via fixed or portable units can assist maintenance and production staff to keep plant and machinery running to capacity.

Starting with a hand held
stethoscope all the way up to fixed transmitters & switches; we have the instruments to cover your every need.

Viboprobe: Portable
The Viboprobe is a versatile diagnostic tool which helps reduce maintenance & downtime. Operating with a 9v battery and complete with earphones to eliminate background noise.

Vibration Meter VB-8200: Portable
As all industrial machinery vibrates, the level of vibration is a guide to the condition of the machinery. Imbalance, misalignment & loose structures will cause an increase in the vibration level.

Our vibration meter offers a quick and easy way for you to check vibration levels and repair before failure occurs.

" Frequency range: 10Hz to 1KHz
" Accuracy: ± (5%+2d) reading @ 80Hz,160Hz
" Velocity Range: 200mm/s: 0.5 t0 199.9mm/s
" Acceleration Range: 200mm/s: 0.5 to 199.9mm/s
" RMS & Peak measurement
" Vibration sensor included
" Data hold, Memory with option to store data onto a portable handheld data logger & then download to a laptop computer (optional).
" RS 232 interface with optional data acquisition software
" Auto off extends battery life.

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